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【配信】YNN NMB48 チャンネル「Nuu-san」.mp4

150629 YNN NMB48 チャンネル「Nuu-san」.1 ‘The stand light which lights on its own’
150727 YNN NMB48 チャンネル「Nuu-san」.2 ‘The interphone which is full of noises’
150831 YNN NMB48 チャンネル「Nuu-san」.3 ‘The roof leaks though it’s sunny’
150928 YNN NMB48 チャンネル「Nuu-san」.4 ‘Disappeared goldfish’
151026 YNN NMB48 チャンネル「Nuu-san」.5 ‘Really strange hole’
151130 YNN NMB48 チャンネル「Nuu-san」.6 ‘Another mysterious hole different from it’
151228 YNN NMB48 チャンネル「Nuu-san」.7 ‘NOT GOING BACK TO THE FUTURE’
150917 YNN NMB48 チャンネル「Nuu-san」 Live Broadcast – ‘Nuu-san goes to travel’


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